First Triathlon

If this is your first Triathlon, or if you are thinking that you might give it a go then this page is for you!

What is a Triathlon?

A Triathlon is a race where you swim, cycle and then run to the finish. For the Norwich Junior Triathlon the whole event is off road in a safe environment. The swim is in an indoor pool, the cycle within school grounds (on tarmac / grass) and the run on a grass school running track.

Your age for the event is taken as the age you will be on 31st December the year of the event. So even if you are, say, 10 on the day of the event, but your birthday is between then and 31st December, you should enter as age 11.

What kit do I need?

You do not need a lot of special equipment to take part in the Norwich Junior Triathlon. You do need:

  • A roadworthy bicycle with properly fitted and serviceable tyres, wheels, gears and controls, a working brake on each wheel, and plugs in the ends of your handlebars (sealing the tubing so your finger cannot get stuck inside).
  • A correctly sized cycle helmet stamped with ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B90, EN 1078. A ‘CE mark’ sticker is not an approval mark and does not count.
  • A pair of trainers or similar that are comfortable to run in (running spikes cannot be worn)
  • A swimming costume
  • A swimming hat if you have long hair, or if you would normally wear one when swimming in a public swimming pool
  • T-shirt and shorts to cycle and run in
  • A towel

You do not have to ride a ‘road bike’ with drop handle bars. You can use whatever bike you have providing it complies with the rules.

You may also want to bring swimming goggles, a water bottle, a snack to eat afterwards, sun cream etc.

Preparing for your first Triathlon

Look at the distances for your age group and make sure that you can manage to complete each of these (seperately at first and then one after the other) building up slowly. You might also want to practise getting on and off your bike and work out the best way to start off cycling.

Have a look at the rules on this web site and also at the main British Triathlon rules to make sure that you understand these. If you have any questions use the contact form to get in touch or talk to a marshal on the day.

Check your bike and kit at least one day before the event to make sure that you have eveything that you need and everything is working. If your bike is not roadworthy you will not be allowed into transition and will not be allowed to race.

On the day

Make sure you arrive in good time so you can get everything ready, maybe even have a walk along the course, before you start your race.

When you arrive go straight to Registration to sign in, collect your race numbers and timing chip. You need to attach the race numbers to the shirt you are going to cycle and run in – one on the front and one on the back. You need to stick the race number stickers on your bicycle seat post and cycle helmet.

After this you should take your bike and kit to the fenced Transition area. You need to leave everything you need for cycling and running here – shoes, clothing, towel, glasses if you need them, water bottle etc. You need to make sure that everything you need is in Transition as this will close before the race briefing starts. Our helpful marshals are always happy to assist first timers and give hints on how best to lay out your kit. You only have a small space and must not put any kit where it will be in the way of other competitors.

The event is broken down into a series of ‘waves’ so not everyone starts at the same time (you will be told your start time at Registration) and some people will also finish before others. You will have to wait until everyone has finished before you can collect your bike and kit from Transition after the race.

Make sure that you listen to the race briefing where final details about the course and any other last minute information is given to competitors.

It can get very hot during the event so make sure that you have (waterproof) sun cream on and plenty of drinks. You might also want to bring some food to eat after you have finished and while you wait to collect your bike… Although there is normally some food and drink for sale. Of course, it might not be so warm and you might want warmer clothes to put on once you have finished your race while you wait for transition to re-open… or it might rain on the day so come prepared for that if needs be!

There are plenty of marshals around (wearing hi-vis vests). So please come and ask if you have any questions or need a final piece of advice. Norwich Junior Triathlon is a friendly event designed to introduce young people to the exciting world of Triathlon. The rules must be obeyed, but everyone will also do their best to make sure your first race goes off without a hitch.

Join us

If you would like help training or are more serious about Triathlon then why not join Tri-Anglia. We run regular training sessions for young people and are always happy to talk to new members.