2020/21 Norwich Junior Triathlon

Coronavirus Update 10 April

After much consideration we have decided to postpone the 2020/21 Norwich Junior Triathlon and it will not be taking place in June as planned. Taking into account the COVID restrictions that will be in place on 6 June and British Triathlon’s guidance for events, we do not believe it is feasable to run the event at this time. There are many reasons for this, but two of our key concerns are social distancing requirements and the need to limit numbers of supporters. Norwich Junior Triathlon prides itself in being a friendly, inclusive event and we don’t believe that we can deliver this on 6 June.

We are looking at the possibility of running an event later in the year, possibly in September. This may be a Triathlon or a Duathlon depending on COVID restrictions and venue availability. This may be held at Hewett Academy (as with previous events) or elsewhere in Norwich.

How do I enter?

Entries are currently closed.

There are some places remaining, but we will not be allowing entries until details for the event have been confirmed.

What is Norwich Junior Triathlon?

It is a starter event for young people interest in the sport, or just wanting to try something a bit different. You do not need to have any specialist equipment to take part (see our guide here) so why not come and give it a go?

The event is affiliated to Triathlon England and operates to Triathlon England rules so if you are more serious about the sport it is a great step up to the Norwich Triathlon which is run every year by Tri-Anglia.

Competitors of all ages swim in Hewett’s swimming pool then cycle around part of the school field before running a number of laps of the Hewett school grass track. The distances for each age group are:

TriStar Start (age 8)50m1km600m
TriStar 1 (age 9-10)150m2km1200m
TriStar 2 (age 11-12)200m4km1800m
TriStar 3 (age 13-14)300m6km2400m
Youth A (age 15-16)300m6km2400m

If you would like to know more about Triathlon, or this is your first event then take a look at our information and advice for first timers.